Office Break Rooms and Bathrooms

Modern-day offices are very flexible, cool and creative. Organizations are getting to know that they need to provide an environment that encourages to boost productivity and keep employees motivated. Best in the business is the Integrated plumbing solutions at West Jordan, Utah.. For the ones who want to play, read, have a short nap or browse the internet with the smart phones, whatever the case may be, we are ready to design a multipurpose break room that will suit all types of employees.

At Integrated plumbing solutions we take into account below items to add to the break room:

Comfortable Sitting

Those conversations can be effective in matters of work, as many problems can be solved right there. We make sure that sitting postures are comfortable, relaxing and comfortable to inspire bonding between the employees.

Notice Boards

A cork notice board is can be used for sharing social events or inspirational messages.

Soothing Artwork

Pleasant paintings or interesting and provoking artwork can make the break room stand out. We make sure that when employees enter the break room, feel like they have stepped out of the office.


With our unique set of games employees will unwind and forget about the daily stress, making more productive after the break.
An office break room shouldn’t be boring. It should stimulating. At Integrated Plumbing solutions,we design a relaxing space where they will love to hangout during their breaks.




Considering the amount of usage every day office bathrooms deserve special attention. We at Integrated Plumbing Solutions in West Jordan, Utah have experienced bathroom designing professionals who can make the bathroom designs sparkling. As soon as we get to know about your style preferences and we do the rest. Also, with maintenance services offered, you want to enjoy your new office bathroom for many years to come, which is why you should know exactly what you’re getting with no surprises. In offices, bathrooms are pretty small, especially if you have an apartment, chances are the bathroom sizes will be limited. But our design is to make a small space, look bigger, and function efficiently. Our designs are efficient because of:
a. We always design in a way to segregate dry and wet areas.
b. We keep the basin and shower panel on the same wall. This will make sure that all services function well, the cost of piping and plumbing is reduced, and the bathroom looks bigger than it is.
c. We, keep the walls light colored suited for your best preferences.
d. We squeeze space out, by keeping storage spaces in many places.


At Integrated Plumbing Solutions, we make sure you’re 100% happy with the designs before we start work. We will also transform your old bathroom from a stinky, dull place to a space where genius ideas are born. If you’ve been looking for a top-notch Bathroom designers in West Jordan, Utah contact us today at 385-271-6852 or do email us at

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