Restaurant Build-Outs and Remodels

With so many restaurants in place around West Jordan, Utah we are seeing that each of them is trying to stand unique from the others and the approach to restaurant Build-Outs and Remodels are very much varied. Expansion of a restaurant or remodeling them can be stretched out process. We at Integrated Plumbing Solutions are specialized in all tasks from renovating an older building to designing a completely new setup.

The best Impressions are first impressions, so viewing the restaurant from the customer’s perspective is the most important thing. A successful restaurant concept is very much more than good food or good service. There is a large number of elements to take into consideration when it comes to designing.


The exact numbers cannot be scripted until all of the specs are sorted out. Quality of flooring, signage, tables, and chairs, including labor costs. But when you work with an expert such as Integrated Plumbing Solutions in West Jordan, Utah you will be assured or you could be in for surprises down the road which will hurt your opening pocket and delay the process. Our estimators and procurement specialists at Integrated Plumbing solutions look at every inch of design to produce a fair and accurate quote.

Business During Construction Process

Hosting a crew of construction workers, contractors, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, designers and architects can get crowded, and messy. But if you opt for Integrated Plumbing Solutions, we will help you to set up a schedule that gives your business enough time and space to plan and carry out the daily process. We carefully cover the area of the work site and keep dust to a minimum anywhere else in the space.


Integrated Plumbing Solutions will help you to plan for all the permits to apply for, and lets you understand which types of updates you don’t need permits for. For example, if you’re revamping the whole space, structural changes then there is a lot to consider. All these permits need to be approved and displayed on a work site prior to beginning any type of construction.



We offer Design & Build services which will eliminate the need to hire an outside contractor . This is advantageous for commercial renovations because it puts the cumulative efforts and cooperation between the contractor and the business. There will be no middle man to deal with as design and construction are handled by us. When you hire traditional firms, the design process may be sub-contracted or you may have to search for your own designer and pay them separately. But once you opt for Integrated Plumbing Solutions, you can be peaceful for all the processes. With all the modern construction and plumbing equipment, the construction task will be a smooth flow.

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