Toilet Repair And Installation

If you stay in West Jordan, Utah and your toilet space needs to replace an old fixture or you need a new toilet set up for your renovated bathroom, our team at Integrated Plumbing Solutions has you covered. We will handle the repair or installation process, and adhere to your schedule to get a time that works suits you. We are equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment and will be ever-ready to repair or install your toilet problems promptly. Below are the common problems faced.

Fragile Flush

There could be an issue preventing the water level in your tank from getting to the correct level. If the chain or flapper valve isn’t the right size for your toilet, your toilet won’t be able to flush properly.

Running Toilet

If the toilet takes a really long time to fill back up, it’s usually an indication that the refill valve has become dirty or clogged. There are also chances that the flapper valve might also not be situated correctly, water may be leaking into the bowl from the tank. If your toilet runs, it can result in expensive water bills.

Overflows after Use

There could be sealing issue with flapper valve. Also, the ball float could not possible to make the refill valve to close after the water levels have been reached, or refill valve itself could be having trouble closing.

Leaking issues

As the toilet ages, the rubber seal placed between the bottom, or seat and the floor can wear away. When there is a leak from the bowl and tank it could be due to the rubber gasket that helps the flapper valve seal the tank off may have been very old. Also, Hazardous sewage backup could flood through your drains and fixtures.

Our team at Integrated plumbing solutions is well-equipped to handle any toilet issue. We deal with cracked and broken porcelain that with minor damage. We look-in and fix internal problems that may be causing leakage, overflow or drainage issues. If the problem cannot be repaired, we can suggest for new setups.

New Toilet Installation

Our expert plumbers in Integrated Plumbing Solutions in West Jordan, Utah will give you the best advice to find the toilet that is the right fit and price for you. Once the choice is made, our technicians with all the modern tools will set up everything very quickly and effectively.

Toilet Maintenance

To help prevent expensive repairs and increase the toilet life, we suggest that you carry simple maintenance tasks regularly:
• Look into the rubber cover at the bottom of the tank — when it deforms, the toilet will run constantly
• Seal and repair the toilet as necessary in order to prevent leaks and ensure long run.

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