Water Heater Repair and Installation

Hot water heaters are a crucial and vital item in any family. There are lot many problems caused to the daily-used water heaters and they create interruptions in everyday life. These issues often come without any prior notice. Hassle free solutions for these problems is water heater repair and installation by Integrated plumbing solutions in West Jordan, Utah.

Usual signs that call for water heater repair or installation are listed below:

Lukewarm water every time.

Weird noises from the heater tank.

Bad smell.

Water discoloration.

Insufficient hot water.

Extreme Temperatures.

Some signs that your water heater must be replaced include:

Water tanks, usually are made of steel, so they will gradually rust. If the tank is rusted, water will have a brownish color every time.

Sediment which gets collected at the tank-bottom, which can block the drain valves.

Leakage from the tank is usually a crucial problem and calls for replacement.

Integrated plumbing solutions in West Jordan, Utah specialize in both the Installation and repair of all the types of water heaters, including the following:

Gas heaters which have to be assisted by a blower for ventilation. Gas heaters usually last longer and operate with a sealed burner.

Electric heaters don’t require any ventilation. Their capacity varies from around 30 gallons to 100 gallons of water.

Tankless water heaters provide an endless supply of water and they consume very less space.


If you are residing in West Jordan, Utah then the one-stop solution is Integrated plumbing solutions. Our technicians will inspect your water heater and will suggest the advice of repair or installation, depending on the particular issues and needs. Usually, water heaters will last from 8-12 years, hence if it is under that time, possibly simple repair will solve the problem.


In 2015, It was made mandatory by the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act that water heaters manufactured after April 16 had to meet updated requirements for energy consumption. This has made the owners to be cautioned when choosing the water heaters as it should compliant with the new energy-efficient standards. Our experts at Integrated plumbing solutions in West Jordan, Utah will guide to find the right one.


Water heaters consume about 1/4th of the energy used at homes, so it is important to observe them periodically. Old machines consume more energy which results in more pocket-damage every month. Integrated plumbing solutions in West Jordan, Utah will inspect for all issues that can lead to bigger and more expensive problems down the road. When your water heater starts giving you problems, If you stay in West Jordan, Utah then your best place of contact is the team of Integrated plumbing solutions. We have access to all the tools for repair/extraction of the old unit or installation of the new. You will be best assured whether your water heater can be repaired or needs a new installation at an affordable price.

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